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Haida group office building completion ceremony

Jiangsu Haida group headquarters office building, built in the history of 18 months. June 17th, to celebrate the Haida Building test operation, specially held in celebration. West China Xinshi village party secretary Wu xie'en, Huashi town Party Secretary Miu Hong and Party committee and government units Department leadership, Huashi town scale enterprises main are to the scene to celebrate.

Miao secretary in celebration speech and announced the opening of theatrical performances. He represented the town Party committee and people's government, Fengtiaoyushun, CAITONG eight Haida blessing and prosperity.

Theatrical performances is divided into two parts, the first part by Shanghai Peking opera troupe performing music and opera pericope; the second part by Haida performances by the staff own self directed programs.

Huaxi secretary Wu spoke highly of the event, it is thought that the Haida art show was a great success and favorably to professional performing team, even if performers are from the production line. Which he saw Haida contains energy, witnessed the Haida, the spirit of enterprise culture, and convinced, Haida under the leadership of chairman Xu, create more miracles.