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Jiangyin municipal party committee secretary Jiang Hongliang haida

       On September 23rd, the sun is shining, the air crisp.Newly appointed Jiang Hongliang jiangyin municipal party committee secretary, the leadership of the town party secretary MiaoGong, mayor Zhang Zhong, came to jiangsu haida technology group co., LTD.Haida group chairman you-cai xu accompanied by inspection, and report to the secretary jiang the enterprise development situation at present.

       Around 10 am, municipal party committee secretary jiang came to haida group, a person has just got off the bus, just hang on to xu, chairman of the hand and affectionately said: just to rose, just heard haida development is very good, I'll come see you, look at your business.When they hear secretary peer MiaoGong haida group is introduced this year sales will exceed 10 billion yuan of make out an invoice, secretary jiang heartfelt praise haida is a great enterprise, chairman xu is a great man, look, grip, motivated and staying power.Secretary jiang always stop before a line of new equipment in the company, understand the new equipment debugging, production, etc., understand the raw material price, origin, and so on and so forth, understand the enterprise product quality, market, and so on and so forth.


       Report to secretary jiang xu, chairman of the haida the overall operation of this year, is expected to finish this year sales of 10 billion yuan of make out an invoice to achieve it.Next, haida will, as always, adhere to scientific and technological innovation ability, further develop and expand advantage products, constantly upgrading enterprise management.



       Secretary jiang encouraged chairman xu finally, want to continue development of the enterprise, in order to promote the prosperity of the local economy made new again.