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Wuxi city mayor Zhu Kejiang inspect haida

        On June 1st afternoon 3 when, in wuxi city mayor Zhu Kejiang, accompanied by jiangyin municipal party committee secretary Jiang Hongliang etc, rate of relevant department heads a line, came to visit haida group.Haida group chairman you-cai xu accompanied by the mayor of a line, zhu in manasseh, and headquarters to visit, and report to the mayor zhu haida recent operation condition.

        Mayor zhu after the visit was very pleased, very glad to haida can seize in the changeable economic situation, grasped the nettle.See the equipment for normal operation of the factory, the factory clean and tidy, especially just decorate a new headquarters office building, he saw the haida high strength, also believe that the haida can play steady on stability in the new round of economic transformation, and then hit high.The secretary to the mayor zhu jiang introduced the haida smoothly exceeding RMB 10 billion last year, become the jiangyin big enterprise.The mayor zhu again hold xu, chairman of the hand, sigh with emotion said, the vigorous development of wuxi is dependent on the given entrepreneurs like you!

         Report to the mayor zhu xu, chairman of seeking truth from facts of the present, the difficulty of enterprise, at the same time, also said haida has the ability to overcome difficulties, to have actual strength meet the challenge, in 2012, is still the haida harvest year!